A Letter to the Feelings of My Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

A, Fuck you.

B, I'm so tired of it.

I just want to be free of you.

The feelings of not doing enough, being enough.

I wish I could turn you off.

I wish I could feel like I have accomplished something in a day, 

without thinking of the failures.

I wish I could plan something and follow through on it,

without thinking of the failures.

I want to enjoy my time in life,

without thinking of my failures.

Life has too much pressure, too much to do, too much to be.

I want to overcome.

I want to break free.

So, leave me alone.

Let me appreciate this life, and what I can do,

rather than what I can't.


Best, Anna




This poem is about: 



This poem is about my constant struggle of feeling caught in a storm of anxiety. 

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