The Power of Literature

My heart, does me no good most days,

It chatters onward and in most ways,

Leaves me stranded in the sight of fear,


My head, is doesn’t do me well,

It’s wisdom, never goes on to tell,

Me when or when not to walk away,


This year has been a dreadful time,

And had I not been able to rhyme,

I doubt I would be me,


So when fear once more,

Raised to shake my core,

It wasn’t me who overcame it,


It was the pen in my hand,

And with it the will to stand,

To be unlike my past self,


It was the magic of writing,

And the awe in the lighting,

Only the darkness can urge you to find,


Sometimes it’s not you,

But the way you overcome is through,

The power of literature



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