'self love'

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I find myself within you when you look at me    when our lonely bodies sway in this space  I do not see brokenness   but rather our enduring strength.  
Introvert. The person who needs alone time to feel best energized.   Extrovert. The person who needs time with others to feel best energized.   Ambivert.
i feel sad. i feel sad because the world is angry. i want to use my words to sooth its temper but paper isn’t enough. and when i shout them,
I'm sorry Our culture has created an uncomfortable burden for you to tackle. Born in a world where people automatically think less of youbecause of your  biology
Before... I was a humble slave Bowing before your wishes. I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing But it never lasted.  
& he told me love me while I still want you  
She was reading  she was studying  only one word independence she knew the meaning  but the meaning didn’t know her  independence independence
Depression is hard But I’ve survived all my days I will continue
She is a warrior with a crown.
As a young teenager, I had a corrupted sense of wholeness. Shallow people was my drug; discontent was my side effect. ​
What did poetry teach me? In all honesty it has taught me how to love myself. Poetry has taught me to honor the people that have forgotten me and to move on from a boy who will never love me.
I held a mirror up Looking at myself constantly. Not because I was self-centered But because Every time I spoke Every time I moved Every time I thought about my appearance I criticized myself.
[ear]   Music paints the scene when nothing is sung I need no drums, Just the steadily unsteady beat of my pulse   [heart]
It’s nice to feel listened to It’s nice to feel you’re heard. And with the art of poetry, My paper hears every word.   This art of mine, uses lines To illuminate emotions.
the sun drops into the well a shiny penny of a wish, as a delicate red draws a halo around the mountains. i wish to flip away the coins on my eyes, revitalized and resurrected, the styx
As I play with your tiny toes and teeny hands, I can’t help but think of the future at hand.   These little toes will soon walk, In lands where all kinds of people talk.  
Why is it when I look at myself I am never pleased? When God the father made me beautifully.  Are the billboards & magazines the ones to blame? If I starved myself to death , wouldn't that be a shame?  
The dew drops of the sky lay on my skin, creating flowers that even god wants to pick.  
Dear Natalochka, I love you.You have always been loved,And you will always be loved. You can stop looking for loveOutside yourself.You won’t find it there.For the love that you are looking forIs within.It fills your heart with lightAnd glows throu
Dear irrational insecurities, Only a parasite that thrives, a ghost Unbelieving of complements and praise
There are so many words held inside the breath in my lungs. So many clouded thoughts like ravens feasting over animals on the road. I am speaking to you. Directly to you. My mouth throws up my words onto that tiled floor.
Dear,AFFLICTION  I’m GLOWING UP and GROWING UP. That may upset most, and make many envy. Some may say “oh she’s acting new” or “she think she pretty” Never that honey. Honestly, this has always been there.
Where should I begin?No one wants a world tour where you see all the ugly parts,So this won't be much of a tour.But let's pretend that in this world -Me -There is no ugly.
I am the small branch that breaks off From the broken tree I am the leaves that gets blown away By the waves in the sea Looking for strength and guidance, I seek- The help of others;
Dear sylvia plath, kristen stewart, Josephine from my chemistry class, and every other girl I know, 
Oh how you have blossomed.  From the petite bud you were  to a beautiful garden of daisy's.    It was just a two years ago I saw what you were. A dying bud who didn't strive to live. 
A new branch has formed on my family tree... Because I love you.   You show me compassion even when we are upset... Because you love me.  
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