Finding Myself

What did poetry teach me?

In all honesty it has taught me how to love myself.

Poetry has taught me to honor the people that have forgotten me and to move on from a boy who will never love me.

Moments alone with pen and notebook in hand generate a universe of self reflection.

It’s my universe that unfolds into the small notebook that is sacred to me.

Within the pages of my notebook lies smeared ink and tear splattered pages that have defined me.

The poems that you will find are pieces of my heart and soul presented in black ink.

Every moment that has made me is stranded into sentences that hang over each page.

The poetry that I have so carefully inscribed into each and every page has taught me about myself and the way that I think.

My thoughts of self reflection are in pieces of poetry about unrequited love, being friendless, and decisions I have made.

Every time that I crack open my notebook, a new piece of me unleashes itself in complete truth and honesty, allowing for self reflection.


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