Dear Flower

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 00:02 -- _plum_

Oh how you have blossomed. 

From the petite bud you were 

to a beautiful garden of daisy's. 


It was just a two years ago I saw what you were.

A dying bud who didn't strive to live. 

No one was giving you water when it was needed. 

I was there to give you water,


you didn't want it from me. 


Out of all the people you've encountered

you distrusted me the most?

All the tears you shed,

I was there to wipe them gone.

All the heart breaks you've had,

I was there to mend it back.


Why is it so hard to be happy with yourself?

Stop letting people pick your petals for their own good. 

You don't need to be watered by anyone, 

but yourself. 


You're a delicate flower

but not delicate enough to break against wind. 

All these years you have been growing

for the sheer fact that you will become a garden.

And here you are,

the most gorgeous and powerful garden of them all.


You are vibrant with colors now.

Broken away from the contained flowers,

and now growing as a wild and free one.

Those who cut you down,

are now those who want to grow with you.


From a dying flower 

to a garden of vibrant daisy's ,

watching you grow so beautifully

has been an experience. 


I won't see you as the dying flower

but the flower that was brought back to life.

Continue to smile and grow your petals. 


I'm always here for you,

you just need to listen to me. 

Until you're next upcome,

love yourself. 









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