Real World

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Mommy I’m scared, am I going to have wrinkles like that lady when I grow up,  she shushes me and apologizes to the old woman, no darling she says as she pushes me out the door.
It's an empty promise. A temporary bliss. But blissful nonetheless Scaring my worries away Even if just for a few moments. But the thought to let go is terrifying
I sit in this small room surrounded by young men and women I look behind my shoulder and see my girl A young delicate jewel who shines above all others. She wears no paint, as many do to make themselves apear as jewels.
What do you see, when you see my dark brown skin. Am i a victim because my body is full of melanin? The debates, arguments and pain seem to never end. But I know no other way of existing for another race I've never been.
Childhood is the playpen that keeps out the real world; holding you close till you're readily unfurled At the beginning it's the ignorance that keeps us at ease
Why does high school change people? You have kids that are mean to you when you're younger, and you have your friends. Then those friends turn into the mean ones. My parents don't always let me out, I don't know why.
To say I am perfect Would be an ugly lie   I am not soft Nor innocent I don't need protected Because I protect I am not weak And decidedly not helpless  
  if evil is a flame then sometimes the world is on fire burning with all the cruelty of man, the passion of  lusts, greeds, and desires.   If evil is a song, 
You got all these fancy boardsBut all the kids do is snore. Let's have some fun! Teach us how not to be a bum. I don't need to know the associative property;I need to know how to buy property. Teach what so many don't know, Help this nation grow!S
Is it me or, does it seem like days are getting longer , but lives are falling shorter. money is getting tighter only for the population to become wider. Is it me or does it seem like singers get credit for a job teachers would do.
Why love? Everyone write about love About that soul mates that they found They just write about love And sometimes and can’t help but feel as though I’m going to through up
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