voices of a broken spirit

What do you see, when you see my dark brown skin.
Am i a victim because my body is full of melanin?
The debates, arguments and pain seem to never end.
But I know no other way of existing for another race I've never been.
My life take no priority of yours or thiers, his or hers.
But please hear me out listen to my words:
A man was shot they killed him dead..
When all was said and done not a tear was shed.
One occurence doesn't hold any weight.
But 516 blacks in a year is a number i still can't shake.
I made it to 21 and out the ghetto this year..
But as i pass authorities im in constant fear.
Why am i hated for being alive and well?
The beliefs that where i belong is inside a cell.
Break me, crush me its my own personal hell.
I just want to be like like everyone else.
I just want to be comfortable being my self.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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