Love in the Dark

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 20:38 -- dmj3473


if evil is a flame

then sometimes the world is on fire

burning with all the cruelty of man,

the passion of  lusts, greeds, and desires.


If evil is a song, 

than sometimes life is a sorrowful melody

a sad twisted symphony of pain and misery.


sometimes it all seems to much,

the flames that so easily scorch the soul,

the weight of that lamentative cry,

that seems to consume all hope.


but then in that moment when it seems as if all is lost and night has won

a dawn begins to break, and with it the bright blades of a rising sun

 cutting through the darkness,  the misery, despair, and pain

and in the midst of the symphony of sorrow, begins a joyful refrain.


it sings that all is not finished, all is not lost

for though this world is one of darkness,

there is a love in the dark.


there is a hope that has descended from above,  

a breeze of righteousness that has come to chill the fire of lusts.

and the beauty of this new hope, of this ray of brighter days, 

is that it willing came into this world of darkness

and from the inside out sparked a change.


it came too reedem those who'd sold themselves to all the lies

it came for souls that had long ago sold away their value,

for them it paid the ultimate price


the world can be dark, we all know this is true

but there is light

a light that is breaking through


this light called Jesus once took all the pain and suffering of this firey world upon an old wooden cross

 that He might meet those suffering in this symphony of sorrow, right in the place where they are

that he might be their light,

 their love in the dark.



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