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I remember how heaven was  With no worry or war I took heaven by its word With no will or choice to veil my gift or hoard.  
One Can Only Imagine This Place I Cannot Describe..... In Between This Darkness Of Time Trespassing Through This Light Into Life It Was You, Guiding My Way..... I Became A Spectator Of My Own Life
Disbelieving darkness and frightening final sounds  Relief that the eternal moment may never be found  Mortality’s grip from which we all shelter and hide
If I were to die soon: to the person beside my body. Someone, save the sadness in my eyes in a small glass bottle. Fill it up with sea water and give it a kiss once in a while.
Below this ground lies the infinite ocean graveyard The seas overtaking boundless promises Left for the tides to discard Waves washing away titanium tiles
Upon this flower I shall gaze,  simple as it’s bloom.  For God has made you there, Living in the lighted Son.    Shall you not go that way?
Life is like a car without brakes Except on fire and filled up with snakes It frantically flies, as if scraping the skies And will probably end up in a lake   But life has a deadline in mind
Our bones rot and decay  But not yet for me.  As I grow older, I consider my mortality. Time goes by and we don't care to acknowledge. Too busy trying to grow up And ship ourselves of to college,
Every morning, I wake up wishing, I was as tough as I pretend to be, Wash my face, forget my name, repeat; I wish I was stronger than a man.  
The popular 80’s hit has a tempo of 100 beats per minute, which is the same tempo at which one should give chest compressions during CPR. —The American Heart Association   My
Do you ever think of how often you escape death’s clutches, and you don’t even notice?
Dear All, I am everything and I am nothing. A creeping shadow in the black, abyss-like corners of life. To gaze upon my cloaked, physical form, That of which was comprised from a stereotype and guesswork,
We are all ruled by time Our life ticks away Seconds, minutes, hours at a time We all begin wound Our cogs meshing and turning Just simple time pieces Ticking away Freat clocks and wrist watches
We are all ruled by time Our life ticks away Seconds, minutes, hours at a time We all begin wound Our cogs meshing and turning Just simple time pieces Ticking away Freat clocks and wrist watches
It's coming,but no one can tell when.It's on its way some time or dayand you'll figure it then.It's right around the corner,you can't see it with your eyes.It might or may give you signs,
As I sit in my chair, practicing the traditions of bowing, blessing my heirThe thrown is now emptyMy body melts in the chairDrinking and reminiscingAbout the dynasty he created
Mortal the word which strikes fear in our bravest and shakes even the most reasonable minds... giving birth to ardency in apostasy  but also dogma, hate, and intolerance.
All things without reference vanish to the undiscovered country from which none have yet returned. Those whom fortune neither kissed nor cursed,
I danced in this great and ancient forest that have had grown over the course of centuries- leaving half eaten morsels of it’s decaying ancestors to revisit later.
Time.   It has grown these knarreled and misshapen oaks.   It has ravaged and swelled these grey grey graveyards.   And it faded  the once  great abbey into
Origin (Innocence of the Past)
Do You Wonder Where the Stars Go
The last glimpse of Amber and burgundy, After the bombing and the raid, As his flesh is kissed and licked away  By pincers of roiling flame.
Watch him go! The silly thing The pitiful, puny, ugly thing Six grabbing Appendages Crawling up the table leg The shadow of my finger Chasing him Scramble home,  little bug,
Your memory is painful Because you're not here Three years later it still hurts
Only upon the acceptanceo f our own mortality are we simultaneously invincible and vulnerable, immeasurable and finite.
A reason I give
I can feel my own mortality It seeps through my body Sending chills to my spine Filling in the empty spaces A winter inversion settling in Blanketing everything in a dull grey I feel it in my soul
What keeps us from dying? What makes us afraid? Why do we persist even when pain invades? What makes the human condition such as it is?  That might be accounted for by the Id.
I'll sleep when I'm dead when my corpse is cooling my eyes are blank and my hands barely curling the red flush leaking like the last dregs of an empty cup laying as a doll so white and clean
Through years of experience I have learn that people may sometimes forget what you have said to them in the past, They may forget what you did, But one thing that I can asure is that they will never forget how you made them feel,
Do you see the man in black? He haunts me in my dreams. Slowly follows Never stops Yet never closer gets.   Can you hear the man in black? He cries in ghastly tongues Silent screaming
A heart pure and strong A mind so quick and clever A voice that can reach out A world to be made better
You never know how much you have Or if you will survive Time is of the essence   How long you'll stay alive   A sacred unknown fate All depends on the ticking clock
as if looking at you were not enough, my heart does skip a beat in time to you. when i beheld you i instantly knew, your love would make me your most treasured buff. for this cannot be love's truest hour, mere impulse is your specialty, my dear.
Time is temporary Short in its permanence Infinite in appearance People live Dying to carve their permanent mark Dragging their knife through the flesh of life Hoping to leave scars as screams
As a daffodil, she’s rooted downin dirt and defecation, reflecting sunshine only when                her branches are severed
We are the Best The Bravest At least that’s what is said Over and Over again Even after our Last Breath
It sure is something when one is killed, blindsided -  he simply does not see it coming. It is then something else when one can see it coming, but has not the slightest change or hope in stopping it.
Silence fills the streets that lead to Willow St. and back. It covers everything transforming the quiet town like the photo I hold in my hands. It covers the shadowed staircase that leads to the small dark patch at the top of it.
  Ashes to ashes. Stardust to stardust.   Not something you can take with you Exactly But not something you can easily Relinquish. Grow claws just to clutch at it for a
In desperation, I leave words carved into IHOP napkins and left on nightstands. I would carve into the western cedar, but my pen is dull. I leave with words dripping down the hall in carbon-
Seconds pass by every day, An unavoidable truth, Reaffirmed in youth, Destined only to fade away. Though refusing to stay, They rarely lack ruth, To forgo the uncouth, And blend into a graceful ballet.
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