Tick Tock

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 19:52 -- cbradsh


Time is temporary

Short in its permanence

Infinite in appearance

People live

Dying to carve their permanent mark

Dragging their knife through the flesh of life

Hoping to leave scars as screams

Claiming possibility

In impossible legacy

All for the search of something permanent

Running from shadows

Filled with unknowns

Only to constantly trip on the solid roots of life

Breathless and grasping

Desperate and clinging

Reaching above

As a child fervently wanting 'UP!'

Up and away from pains and burdens

Higher in pursuit of ascendance

Concentrating on transcendence

Willing to be anywhere above this

Realizing this climb is temporary

That these bones are roots

This flesh is weight

While we stumble on


Out of time

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The Bamboozler

Wow. I really liked the imagery in this poem. It's a bit dark, but all for the better I think!

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