Cain's victims

The last glimpse of Amber and burgundy,
After the bombing and the raid,
As his flesh is kissed and licked away 
By pincers of roiling flame.
Glimpsing the  last peripheral vision of The RAF plane.
His eyes finally flutter to a close,
As he finally succumbs to his immortal dose,
On the other side after death's claim
The last feeble and futile intake of life,
Pressure taking a toll on her,
As she steadily begins  descending,
Amid infinite globules and whirling images of,
Sunken wreckage and buoyancy,
Her demise now impending.
The affliction and agonizing torment of the verdigris eyed girl,
As Satan’s excruciating clenches, lunges and grasps,
Distressingly rush and clutch at her Pudendum and body like a vice,
Their manticore grins as she crumbles to the ground,
Remnants of her viscera and entrails in death and their eyes, suffice.
The last pulsating stabilizing musical rhythm of APU,
(Auxiliary power unit)
As the titanium work of art simultaneously,
Swerves towards the ground.
His ears fill with the droning consuming thrum of engines,
And the cries of human agony and life as they surround.
The young boy,
With the peeling, charred,
Nearly incarnadine skin.
The luminous eyed girl,
Her heart in her hands,
As she remembers-her kin.
The breathless girl,
The salty tang,
still on her parched blue lips,
As her futile and meek attempt at life goes in vain.
The boy his senses impaired,
By impact and with the fresh memory of living purgatory.
All their final-instances clouded by nothing but a living bane.
Even their last memories of life, 
Another triumph that Cain had slain.
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