Deep Blue

Below this ground lies the infinite ocean graveyard

The seas overtaking boundless promises

Left for the tides to discard

Waves washing away titanium tiles

Far into the smokeless horizon 

Stars glittering unobstructed above


The ocean

Propels the very last fragments

Of achievement into deep crevasses 

Pits filled with rushing water,


Plagued by metal remnants of careful pipe dreams


Remember, forget, the dreams caught the edges

Of planets, and, coated in stardust

Dipped into the ocean, accomplishment

Disintegrated by the ruthless waves

Consumed by the passing fish 

Like algae scraped off rocks


Waves crash

Apathetic to the loss of the land

Whirlpools consume bones that bob

At the water’s once-bloodied surface.


Seafoam fizzles

Collects upon history’s page 

Highlighted and starred

Fish nibble at the hearts of once-predators

The sea dissolves its boneyard.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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