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19 Barely two months  Leaving everything  Leaving the world I knew  Leaving all for 18 months  There was only me now  There I stood at the termibak There I stood in a foreign culture 
I was once a young man at 18 Who decided to leave you see To a place unknown And a language lone That's where I decided to be   I was called to L.A. So I flew right away
Oh lord, Shatter my heart through The barbed wire fence That embodies my logic And philosophy. Let my heart be an open wound, Let it feel the laceration That is the result of your truths.
The Star – Spangled BannerA tune of greatnessThough the tune is sweetAnd the message is greatBut the mission is not achieved. The Star – Spangled BannerHas not yet fought with unemploymentOther citizens lack chance for higher educationWith poor ec
I can live without food, for he nourishes me. I need not any money, for to him I do not owe. I shan’t require a majestic domain, for one already awaits.
Life starts Carefully and Control
Every star in the sky Is a different city Rooftop missions Summer ambitions Different paths  Dances before us Glazing eyes  Filled with wonder Hope
Love A simple word, with many definitions. A simple word, a greater mission. A smile, a handshake, a hug. Simple actions, a simple proposition. Spread the word and find repetition.
The first thing you can hear, the faint sound of a heartbeat The joyous drum-like sound that connects us all A life is made, a heartbeat proves it But it also means so much more What does my heart beat for?
May the lighters light May your heart love May the sun shine Right above us May your actions be worthy May your hunger be hardy May your drive have engine May your soul have a mission
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