Why Does My Heart Beat?


United States
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The first thing you can hear, the faint sound of a heartbeat
The joyous drum-like sound that connects us all
A life is made, a heartbeat proves it
But it also means so much more
What does my heart beat for?
Some say it beats just so I can survive, but I know there is more
More for me to understand, more for me to explore
My heart has its own special thump
That changes with the circumstance, that changes with my feet
Dancing, walking, or skipping to a tune
My heart decides how it should beat
My heart beats a special way when I help and aid
My heart slows down when I rest and daydream
Butterflies in my stomach cause my heart to go into overdrive
It beats to the sounds of its own drum because it can
It was designed to beat without restriction or ban
A heart beats alike for both woman and man
When I’m scared, when I’m nervous
If someone calls me beautiful or compliments my smile
My heart has a rhythm, a mind of its own
Any special thing, big or small, could cause it to rile
My heart beats for the children
I would rather see them with smiles not tears
My heart beats for those that are lost
Those who are overcome by their fears
My heart beats for the people of the world
Those I don’t even know and those I hold dear
My heart beats for my God, my family, my friends
My heart is crowded with memories that I hoped would never end
My heart holds no prejudice, it was designed for me
My heart decides how, why, and what for it should beat


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