Forget Yourself


Barely two months 

Leaving everything 

Leaving the world I knew 

Leaving all for 18 months 

There was only me now 

There I stood at the termibak

There I stood in a foreign culture 

There I stood looking into the unknown 

Barely two months into this new life 

I was not enough 

Who I had been was no longer enough 

I had to step up

Who would I be

Who could I be

Only the journey could answer that 

Eventually I realized 

Though I wasn’t enough 

I was here for others 

I was here to help others be happy 

What had brought me happiness I was to share

It was hard

Physically, mentally, and spiritually 

I learned to listen 

I learned to love everyone 

I learned that everyone had a story

Sone had it way worse than I did 

It wasn’t about me anymore 

It became about them 

It became about serving them 

I forgot about myself

I did everything I could for them

I taught them what made me happy 

That there was a higher power

That he loved us

I learned he cared about everyone 

Trials became blessings

I became selfless

I became responsible 

I became a better version of myself 

Because I forgot about myself 

Eventually time came for me to return home 

Back to my other life

But different now 


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