Life starts Carefully and Controlled, then Challenged
Every move's Carefully Calculated, and Charted
Some are Convinced their life's already Contracted
Good things are Captured, Cataloged, and Carried out
Knowledge is Collected, Computed, and Corrupted
People are Consulted, Compared, and Counted on
People become Stressed, but Solutions are Suggested
Lives are Structured
Problems get Solved
People will get Settled
Lives become Simplified 
We want to be Supported
We want to be Surprised
But hate to be Supervised
We don't like to be Separated
We care how we're Perceived
We care how much we're Penalized
We like when money is Provided 
We like when we're Promoted 
We want to be Inspired 
Hate to be Instructed 
Our nature is Devoted 
Feelings are Extracted, then Analyzed
Dreams are Created, then Eliminated 
Knowledge is Gathered, then broken down 
Our bodies are Abused, then Repaired 
Our souls become Enlarged 
Days become Anticipated
Destinies are Appointed
Our lives will get Altered
Our beliefs are Affected
Our goals are Achieved
Then a future is Created 
Problems will Decrease
Details get Analyzed 
Questions are Answered
Outcome becomes Anticipated
Money is Recovered 
Problems get Resolved
Friendships get Repaired 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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