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I just came back home, Now I will be starting school, School life is different.  
My people have walked miles on end,praying it's just around the bend.  
I am a Mormon
Hello my friend from long ago, you seem to me so different. At first an idol I adored  and then more fleeting, distant. I turned my back from the warm embrace the Spirit did provide me,
Light shines through the darkness, and keeps the world alive, but some light cannot penetrate the dark that dwells inside. That requires a different light, the one that He provides.
The Temple is my favorite awe.
Oh Yes, oh yes, that is me,  The kid whom You made free. When people shall come hither,
Here we are at lovely girls camp Where we light up our lives like a kerosene lamp. We've come for this reason; to stand tall, proud and true, To make a nice place, where you can be you.
Fire erupting from the depths Calmed in your embrace Angel, your song entwined with my fingers
Born and raised in SLC I am a mormon and I try to see how you can sit there and judge me.
The days continue as they always have, But they aren't quite the same. A hole has opened in my chest To know that it will be a while till we meet again.
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