Oh Yes, That Is Me


Oh Yes, oh yes, that is me, 

The kid whom You made free.

When people shall come hither,

My presence shall make them quiver.

Because I have features, that they may see.

That I am the kid whom You made free. 

My walk shall kill their prides,

My talk shall burn their greedy eyes.

The way that I smile will make them see,

That I am the kid whom You made free.

Oh yes, oh yes, is that me?

Father, are they the ones whom ridicule me?

Were they not with me from the beginning?

Yet they have left me because I am winning.

Be not afraid, oh kid that's dreaming.

Thy thoughts are like crystals, glistening and gleaming. 

Oh yes, oh yes, it is me,

I am the kid whom You made free.

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