The Difference

Hello my friend from long ago,

you seem to me so different.

At first an idol I adored 

and then more fleeting, distant.

I turned my back from the warm embrace

the Spirit did provide me,

and instead embraced the enticing sight,

of women, exotic, moaning.

The world around me grew more cold

and my thoughts were left all stony.

My heart grew so weary and depressed

that my sight grew dim before me.

I continued through my life however

and just kept soldering onward.

Until that wondrous fateful night,

when You sent an angel downward.


To lead me out of the dark and cold;

to fix my spiritual hole.

To lead me back onto the path,

and readjust my goal.

The goal to serve my Lord with honor,

and return with honor too.

The goal to marry in His temple,

to a be with one so true.

The goal to raise a family,

and teach them all I know.

To love each and every one of them,

'til the day I have to go.


But that will not be the end at all.

No, not nearly for them and I.

Our love will last forever,

even after I will die.


The difference that I sense from You,

is not your difference at all.

The difference I can tell it seems,

is the voice I hear; so small.







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