Thu, 01/16/2014 - 15:21 -- 34704
Here we are at lovely girls camp
Where we light up our lives like a kerosene lamp.
We've come for this reason; to stand tall, proud and true,
To make a nice place, where you can be you.
We start off the morning with calm scripture study
And during the day, we may meet a new buddy.
Gathering together to raise up the flag, 
We make sure that to the ground it won't sag.
Voices in harmony, join to make praise.
The sounds mixing in many different ways.
At mealtime we partake of such delicious food
All talking and laughing, we create a good mood.
There's many fun crafts, to perform and to do.
And to whom do we owe? The leaders, that's who!
We have so much fun, the time slips away.
And all of us tired at the end of the day.
And when we realize we need to return
We also observe that we have much still to learn.
Fire will crackle and burn high and bright
And that's how we must be with trials in sight.
Never falter nor waver no matter the cost
Cause if we choose wrong, eternal life will be lost.
So aid yourself with the scriptures and strength of youth well
You'll stand that much taller as far as anyone can tell.
Be like the wise man, build your house on a rock.
So when the rains come you'll come out on top.
Keep yourself clean, moral, worthy, and pure.
And outside of camp, you'll receive blessings galore.
It may seem quite hard, even difficult at first.
But if you push on, to the gospel you and others will thirst.
So girls please remember, when you leave this peace and calm.
You can always bring it with you, to your school and you home.
At camp it is easy to support one another
But when you feel alone, don't be afraid to use Heavenly Father.
He's always there with us, even if we can't see
So away from this place, we just need to believe.
We must have strong faith and always stand firm
Between right and wrong choices, we must discern.
Opposition will come, whether we want it or not.
Choosing for yourself is what we're always taught.
So sadly it's almost time to leave this campsite
And no matter what, be an example, be the light.
Whatever your given, you must take it with grace.
And wherever you are, make it a Holy Place.


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