Everything is Aweseome Scholarship Slam

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It's easy to give up, Believe me, I know. The road gets hard to travel, And it becomes difficult to grow. Life can get hard, But there is one thing to remember: It happens to the best of us,
They say roses grow from concrete Maybe that's why my growth isn't complete My life is seen to be worthless Like it cost less But to me it's priceless My life and mind has been controlled
Y O U  W E R E  B O R N  L O N G  A F T E R  Y O U R  N A M E  W A S  K N O W N
“Can you tell me why? Every time I go outside I see my people die”
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
I often desecrate myself, Along with the past deeds I have done. I shift through my memory cabinets to shun, All those foolish words I spilled out of my trap. Those actions that I should not have taken,
Let go.   Wash your sins away or your heart's vacancy will find guilt, an ever burdening resident   Let go.   I'll carry your ball and chain.
Sometimes we have to hurt. We hurt to see how much we can handle before our screams muffled by our pride are truly heard. We hurt to see the pieces of our lives shattered before us
Everything.  Spaces. 
You heard me I stopped looking for happiness I stopped wasting time believing the meaning of life is to once and for all capture the fleeting euphoric high caused by people, places, and selfish physical wants
I awaken to sunshine And the warmth of your skin
I always had big dreams. I want the big houses and fancy cars living normal, not like the stars. I don't need the papparazzi or the fame. All that puts an X on your name. Please take my advice,
Whenever I am feeling sad Or just having a bad day, I grab my phone to talk to you; I know I will be okay.   Though we come from different backgrounds, We couldn't be more the same.
After all, We all are awesome. Everybody is awesome. Sand is awesome. Octupi are awesome. Me is awesome. Everything is awesome, after all.
Eighteen winters and I'm tired --exhausted. Tired of my mind holding me hostage,  Tired of the cliquelessness causing me restlessness--   I haven't known my bed in days. I lay in it but it won't hold me, 
Everyday is a good day your wife might leave you your job might not need you  the judge might not believe you  but...... everyday is a good day   *inhale* *exhale*  everyday is a good day
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