Existing Between the Spaces

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 01:02 -- AngelP



Some like the warmth between grains of sand layering into mountains of time 

So vast I can't climb to that top of spilling,changing, tasting-decades. 

My Prize? 

A sunburn, sweat, and legs that I'm ready to collapse, but a smile... 

Oh yeah! That too because I made it. 

Others miniscule like the threads between friends, running together so their are no ends just summer nights, fluorescent days, and easy laughs tightly twisted into multi-color knots. 


While yes, seen in photography 

Really seen in the  


Between parted lips that are ready to talk to the  


Who they've seen change. 

From wide eyes and new skin, to wrinkles grooved deeply enough into the flesh that they appear like  


Existing between the sensations of Hi, I love you, I miss you, goodbye, and lets keep our   


That way once ready we can throw our shoulders down, back against the crisp evening earth, trail our dream glossed eyes upward at the crystal stars...  


Honestly though, staring at the feeling of breathing  

Thank you heartbeat 

For the rhythm of knowing how simple the everything 


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Our world
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