Everyday is a good

Everyday is a good day

your wife might leave you

your job might not need you 

the judge might not believe you 

but...... everyday is a good day


*inhale* *exhale* 

everyday is a good day

the day might be great but

*inhale* *exhale* 

it IS a good day

you might not earn good pay

or you might trip and dont know what to say

but *inhale* *exhale* everyday is a good day


*open eyes*  

everyday you opens bow your head because

 some people woke up dead and 

when you wake up dead its the end of your good days

but when you open yours eyes in the mornig 

and *inhale* *exhale* and you *open eyes*

boy o boy 

you done already had you 

a good day

EVERYDAY is a good day.

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