Race relations In America

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 17:07 -- Kanayo

“Can you tell me why? Every time I go outside I see my people die”

As J. Cole said “ All we want to do is take the chains off, all we want to do is break the chains off, all we want to do is be free, all we want to do is be free.”

       When a black man does it, he’s mass murderer, When a Muslim does it, he’s labeled as a terrorist, but when a white man does it, they say he’s deranged.  The picture is painted black and white.  They talk about equality but we’re still slaves to society. A man can dream can’t he? In terms of change, I haven’t seen any. Maybe he had good intentions but was stifled by the system and was sad to learn he actually couldn’t bring any.  They paint the picture so black and white that even some of us black people are in denial on what’s happening in our country.  Let what has happened in Charleston be a cry out to unite all races together so we can fight this terrorist called racism because there isn’t a gun they shoot that can kill my soul.

Let us all be awesome together 


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My country
Our world


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