eternal love

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Memories of my home rooted deep in a poem The poem that changed my life Taught me the meaning of strife Revealed the secrets of unrequited love
  Darkness and rain Anger tightening the pain Even the stars they rage In ceasing to exist in this game Of all the time of eternity And all the places we could be A light reached me,
VAMPIRES LOVE   When your scared, I'll be there and hold you tight. Under the moon in a starry night.If i was a vampire would you let me bite.So we would be together for eternity
Something that I can't live without is the idea that my child knows I love her, and that I'm sorry.   I was 23, too young to be Your mother Living a life Wild and free Reckless, like any other
You, Who had covered me gently while I slumbered in fragrant spring
Run off with me, hit not the brake So your heart I may tenderly stake And sweep up away like leaves on a rake For thou art the prize of the course that I take   My love for thou is truly not fake
Under a final moon Like vines in tandem, Eloping lovers lay In linens alone -  Woman beside man, man beside woman. Zephyrs sway drawn curtains Rocking all to sleep...  
A boy once made a choice. To propose to the girl that he loves. He enjoyed her genuine smile that she gave to all. Yet she shared her pain to him alone no matter how small.
For some reason you have my heart and I still don't know how you did it,Also I don't know why I'm a sucker for you but I have to admit it,That just shows that I really Love you and that we belong for each other,
Our love will last for eternity, There will never be an end; Our love for each other is absurdity, For each other we both depend.
I am thinking thoughts, and thoughts are thinking me. Dreams are drawing lots, to which one it will be. Be it will, make what you may, and I will follow through. Come the ill, or Death's game play,
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