The Eternal Poem

Memories of my home rooted deep in a poem

The poem that changed my life

Taught me the meaning of strife

Revealed the secrets of unrequited love

Through the message of a quiet dove


Still, I decipher

The meaning of the note

It remains a reminder

To me of how much reason I have to hope

It was thought to have been burned

But I kept it stashed away in a hidden place

And know I share with you what I learned

from the bird that sent my deepest thoughts wrapped in lace:


Emotions are the stars in the night sky

Calling me to reach out and fly

With a heart full of love

My city below, I am soaring above

I think of you

Memories I hold onto

that keep my heart beating

As time is fleeting

I promise you

My love is true

It will not fade

It will not die

But the worst part is you don't even know. Do you?

Because I never told you

And you never asked


Why? I I see you in the ocean blue?

The crashing waves

Remind me of you

As my heart cries to be saved

The warmth of your embrace is the one thing I crave

Hold my hand as we walk across the wet sand

Just like in my dream

But no, It would seem, this isn’t real. Is it?

It’s just a fantasy of my mind

Something I made up through time

I suppose it numbs the pain

Especially when I hear your name

Has your heart changed?

Maybe, I am destined to live like this for eternity

Writing my deepest feelings for you through poetry




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