Equality Feminist

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I want to ride on the back of bees I truly wish you would recognize me I claw into myself I clean it up I get thrown in the trash for the garbage pickup I display raw strength
Once upon a time, They expected to find me trapped by a dragon in a tower. My beauty was asleep yes, but I was no coward. I was not afraid of the thorns outside the door.
Why must the female lead always need to be saved? She sure is capable of fighting her own battles. I mean female is the future, right?   Look at Mulan
Shouts, Screams, Thunder, and Roars All hidden behind unopened doors Lies, Betrayal, Beaten, and Broke Buried beneath the ash in the smoke Fire, War, Gun Shots, and Swords
BLACK with no Regret    I'm Black With No Regret And maybe my shoulders scream it too Or maybe it's in our stride And strong voice and afros   I'm Black With Some Regret
Feminism isn´t just equality with men, politics, or the economy Feminism is how we as women All treat eachother Cause when we´re mean It gets hella scary Feminism starts with eachother
As you walk down the street Women, girls stop to Look you up and down To give you jealous looks And you can see in their faces That they are judging you How silly of them 
Dear America, It’s taken me 17 years to compose this letter To figure out what to say Maybe that’s how long it takes to gain the courage To confront the face of one’s oppressor
But why,why should I change the name that has been an X chromosome legacy passed down from our mothers and all the women before them who have been pushed so far into the hole of oppression, canyon sealed so no one could hear their scream
Feminism the movement aimed at equal rights for women women meaning plural meaning all women not just caucasian women not just women of color
How would our sisters think of us now? Looking back on our feeble skin and hallowed brows After years of picket signs and flowering painful remarks
I am a girl. Who feared men her entire life until she tasted one. Her fear turned to envy and became addicted to them and the sense of pride accompanied by their friendship. Pride was the key ingredient in her attempt to conquer.
I am a girl This means I am weak This means no matter my profession I make 22 cents less than a man per dollar But I am a girl so I do not need the money a man does
What is a female? Who is a female?
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