Once Upon A Needle

Once upon a time,

They expected to find me trapped by a dragon in a tower.

My beauty was asleep yes, but I was no coward.

I was not afraid of the thorns outside the door.

I didn’t need a kiss, to save me from abyss.

Before I pricked myself to sleep, cleverness was used to define me.


My modesty was just the tip of my beauty,

which was not defined by the curves of my body.


Even without my prince, I found the witch

Who cursed the needle to bring me everlasting abyss.

And to much surprise, we became friends!

It turns out she was my father’s lady friend.

A lady friend beyond a friend, since they always kissed.

But the last king made a bargain, and it seems riches is worth much more than kisses..

My father cut her wings, then he was named King, and so she cursed me.

I silently wonder if my mother or Maleficent was the side chick.


Either way it doesn’t matter, my Prince is late and there is no time to wait.

For the entirety of Moors is sleeping.

With the help of the beautiful witch, and some enchanted magical jellyfish.

We awoken the people, the bakers, the women with needles, the fairies, the guards,

and some beetles.

Even my mother who awoken with a look of surprise.


Soon, much after

The iniquities of my father was revealed, and so his status was given to me.

I was named the new Queen with Maleficent and my mother by my side

We lived happily ever after..and it turns out you do not need a King, to be happy.


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