A response to everyone who has said that feminism should change

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 09:43 -- sudanna

But why,why should I change the name that has been an X chromosome legacy passed down from our mothers and all the women before them who have been pushed so far into the hole of oppression, canyon sealed so no one could hear their screams of injustice. This canyon took them years to claw their way to the surface.

Tell me why should I change the name when we are still combing scraping cleansing the filth of misogyny from our hair , when we have yet to wash ourselves in true freedom. Why should you get to change the name that defines me because it seems to be that when we scream I am a feminist a name that sets people free you simply change the reality into a travesty.

Tell me when some claim offence to christ do you change his name are you no longer a christian so WHY why must I change a name with so much FIRE and POWER behind it that people flinch and tremble in its presence.

When women are still wallpaper pretty to look at but not to be heard why should we change the word that gives them the power to speak.

When wearing short skirts is compared to driving a car without a seatbelt as if our bodies are machines in fear of constant destruction the fear of walking through the junk yard and seeing all the wreckage from the women who drove their cars,without a seatbelt.

And you speak of my pain as though you are the one of the damaged but the stories that you tell are simply retold from my book of horrors and I’m sorry it's not pretty nothing broken ever is but please don't take away my story because I have carpentry in my mouth my words a hammer nailing my ideals to the walls of your misconceptions, my messages a piece of sandpaper smoothing away the jagged inequality of the wood named normality. and when I build my house of unity I hope you can live there with me.


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