Damsel in Distress? Yea Right!

Tue, 07/18/2017 - 13:37 -- Jp1019

Why must the female lead always need to be saved?

She sure is capable of fighting her own battles.

I mean female is the future, right?


Look at Mulan

The obvious phenomenon

She took her father’s place to fight in the war.

Love was not on her mind.

She put her country and father’s honor before her own life.

Why wait for a knight in shining armor when you can be Mulan?

Strong, brave, fierce


Take rapunzel for example

She is not as fragile as a flower

She holds a pan for her defense

and holds a power in her hair.

She didn’t wait around in the tower

For her mother’s permission


Tiana was a delight.

She came to the prince’s rescue

The poor guy was a frog alright

He was in dire need for a kiss

From someone whose love was true

Poor guy dragged her down too,

But in the end she saved them both


Moana is an inspiration to all

She saved her people from total annihilation

By restoring what once was

The heart of Te fiti.

She conquered her fears

By using her instincts and wits.


So in the words of the great Meg,

“I’m a damsel.

I’m in distress.

I can handle this.

Have a nice day!”


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