You fight like a girl

I am a girl

This means I am weak

This means no matter my profession

I make 22 cents less than a man per dollar

But I am a girl so I do not need the money a man does

But  it's funny when products marketed toward women

Cost $2.00 more than mens

I am weak because I need pain killers to go through labor

If I was strong like a man

I'd drop to the ground if something hurt me there

But I wouldnt need painkillers

I am weak because my sports are a joke

Monica Abbot pitches 77mph

She still throws like a girl 

So we girls

All deemed weak by society

Haven't given up the fight

SInce 1840 

The longest human rights act in history

And we still haven't won

But we haven't stopped

You may see us as weak

But when you open your eyes

You'll be wishing you could fight like a girl 



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