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A broken vessel beat-up day-by-day / have no heart .
You thought You broke me, That I lay in shattered pieces on the ground You thought you’d left nothing of me, A Humpty Dumpty Only Ash I could never put back together But from these pieces, still I rise
Always again   A new day, he is born.The last one, I have lost now.In the beginning he is full of hope and so wonderful.Until he's whispering to me; today, it will not be so great.  
All I wanted... I’m just tryna make it through I’m just tryna make a better way  I’m just trying to see you through Nobody knew the pain, all they seen is what they wanted
They say we're the broken generation  I say we're the cause of their lack of adoration Sometimes they don't careAnd life's never really fair
365 days have came and went Another year of time well spent    2017 was one to remember
I wake up knowing that I don't have to worry anymore about whether or not I am loved by someone. When the sun would shine its rays through my blinds, I would look away in fear of witnessing another day alive.
Because I love you, I'll forever push you to be the better you.  Because I love you, I'll forever be the ear to absorb your worries.  Because I love you, I'll forever hold your hand to combat your worries.
Always on the move Looking for the way The path may not always be smooth But yet, we rise and face another day With the moment at hand We look for our strengths Always have courage
Just nourish your mind Keep those books open Acquire more knowledge Take a huge step towards the right direction Be a walking encyclopedia Filled with valuable information Continue to build yourself
Always say something Because at least when you return to your bed The memory in your head is of your effort No of disgracing your own hunches Tripping over remnants of worth you forgot you had
I get the call It feels as if I have walked smack into a wall The tears begin to fall I am going through the motions Not understanding such notions This brings back so much pain
My Lord My savior My breath the marrow of my bones the thing i can't live without He's worth more than gold, persuasive words, & status My comforter in midst of unbearable pain, broken promises and shame
The lightning storm The storm of frustration that comes and goes on my mind Confusion, Isolation This is something I long not to find I loathe this part
I am perseverant.  They tell me I can't, I say I can and will. No challenge or obstacle is too great.  Even through the toughest trials, I will prevail and push through until I am succesful.
This plane you find yourself in      is just one glimpse of one dimension, among many others Look out,      organic nature surges from the soil           synthetic somethings jut out from this scene.
I am fighter and a leader; an encourager and movement starter. I was rescued from depression
There are good days, and bad,But we can't always feel sad,Cruelty makes us mad,But kindness and warmth makes us glad.
In the darkest night under the full moon My heart aches for the news that will come soon As it cries out for the resolution That news that had two conclusions The news that determine my destiny in life
Always sitting in the back I wonder when the teacher will notice That I don't slack. The title of "AP student" should not be put on plack . I struggle.  All the homework that the teacher stacks
Hearing a call for liberty...deeply Deciding the suffering has lasted enough Stuffed in a jail cell..completely Beginning with complementary rigid handcuffs   Confused so, wearing the name tag----> VICTIM
There is always one person in our lives that is our person. Our person listens to us with their eyes and ears, And sincerity in their hearts. Our person holds our hands through the struggles and tears,
Hey you! Yeah, you! Loser! Freak! Slut! Geek!   Are you the girl with the long hair, The long-sleeved shirts and empty stare, Who cuts herself 'cuz no one cares?
Standing in the cold silence Waiting for you, for you are violence. You sit there watching her with those evil eyes, And somehow you caught her in surprise.   Everyday she's beaten and scarred,
Sometimes making you feel like a prisoner, sometimes making you feel set free. Sometimes making you feel like a criminal, sometimes making you feel like a king.
Little leaf clinging to a tree So often teased  By a cool breeze  Fearing a freeze he'd never see. Left all alone, and still so green.
Be courageous. A single moment can Free and ignite a lifetime. Doors can be blown wide from Rash, unadulterated bravery. A mere minute can birth A new universe of opportunity.
I’m knee deep in worry And can’t stop the pain from falling I am in a heart broke place Being pulled by strings And don’t even know the story Then you hear my cry And remind us your by our side
  Hang on. Hang on tightly. Don’t let go. It’s too far down for you who have come so far, so hang on.
If we were meant to die Then we would never live. If we were meant to take Then we would never give. If we were meant to be alone Then we would never love If we were meant to go to Hell Then we would never look above.
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