But Still I Rise

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 16:52 -- Adcst8

You thought You broke me,

That I lay in shattered pieces on the ground

You thought you’d left nothing of me,

A Humpty Dumpty

Only Ash I could never put back together

But from these pieces, still I rise


You thought your crimson words of flame

Burned me away

Till nothing but cold embers

Remained of who I was.

But still I rise


You thought your singeing sighs and giggles,

behind cupped hands had one ounce of power.

Your withering whispers, a flint to set me aflame.

I’m not sorry to tell you,

That despite everything you thought

You were wrong.

For still I rise


You thought I’d fall to fire?

How I laugh

As I soar

above the angry crowd

tongues flaming,

eyes of hate

Words of fire slung to last

Leaving nothing but sodden ash

But honey, from those ashes you left behind

A phoenix was born

Born anew, thought they’d perspire

Still they slung their words of fire

Thought I was free

But hate was there waiting for me

Straight up I flew

And your flames get all the hotter.

Make it hotter

Your heat never burned me

Haven’t you heard?

You can’t fight fire with fire.




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