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Running out of time, counting down the days, the only dream I have, is to skip the future haze.   For my dreams are not happy,
All my life I've guarded my closest angels as they fell ill, Cursing sickness with demonic persuasions and washing down pills  with deadly compounds dressed in glass.   All my life I've watched
Staring out over the oceanThe sun's reflection burningSparkling off the Blue Man's hullCreates a sounding paradiseThat never seems to dull  
There are things impossible, things unseen In the darknesses between each sunbeam, Nameless shadows, and wordless paths Spun together in covering laths   They watch and they wait
It started early today with her ear-splitting nagging Her purpose is to obey me, so I retaliated with slapping Jabbing with a screwdriver she miserably misses
Silence. It’s the thing you can never escape. It’s the thing that will last forever. When the computers stop humming, When the clocks stop ticking, When the cars stop beeping,
Something told me to take a walk.  I listened.  I grabbed the dog and out we went Down to the woods where the wild things live.
Stab, stab. Cut, cut. I'll bleed onto you. Every known color will fade into you someday. Permanently marking your body, mutilating you beyond recognition. If I push too deep I might tear through your flimsy skin.
When the darkness falls And the day slips away There’s nothing you can do To keep the demons at bay   As the day turns to dusk And the night creatures roam There’s nothing you can do
Follow-~> The woman in blackWho looks for her child. <~- Retreat To the safety of homeWhen the child is found Open-~> The book of spellsAnd wait till nine <~-Close
I walk among the childrenSome young and some oldLike the oak tree in myGrandfather’s house. The wind ruffles the leaves.It is a foggy fall night.Im not alone.At least I tell myself I’m not.
(poems go here) There once was a man named Ted, Who decided one night to look under the bed. What he saw, it seemed, Really made him scream. And now, he has no head.
As I lay awake in bed at night My secrets haunt me, devil’s delight Though invisible, they’re plain in sight Stenciled images in black and white They scream and wail, unending fight
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