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For once in my life, do I dare to feel hope? Have I finally arrived somewhere that I'll learn to cope? I can begin to cast aside my self-doubt, And find something in which to be proud.
Her voice is soft like a songbird's first "good morning", vibrato's as words pour into her leather bound fortress, becomes a warrior, a missionary - maybe a bit of both;   a vortex of youth, passion, possibilities -
From under this morning's sun, Carefully, Quickly, I dared sipped from it. I thought, With my eyes closed; Forget today, Let someone else take your route.
Filters - Everything, Everyone By filters we are run They filter our food And any words 'rude'  When did we lose What made us true? - Please, please Listen to me
Dare you to write me back. Dare immediately accepted. Dare you to Write me a song Dare already accepted Dare you to hold my hand Dare tentatively accepted Dare you to kiss me.
 You will never cherish what you have until it's no longer there,
The sound of shoes scuffing the floor echoed throughout the hallway.    A black hood encases her face, hiding her from the world.   She keeps her head down,
In a pauper's clothes I dance in the air Beneath the cloak of night. ~
Why is the sky blue? Let's make it purple.   Why is the grass green? Color it blue.   Why do humans have such beastly attitudes? Put a smile on their face.  
Look me in the eye and tell me we aren't the same,
Shocking Failure, Blinding success The only difference, A thin white line We always make, A great big mess
I raise my flag to half mast,Acknowledging all who have come before,Who had their minds set on dreams above the clouds, God watching with love and anticipation,
Everyone, hands in the air! DID YOU HEAR ME, HANDS IN THE AIR! Don’t let the bubblegum voice fool you This weapon is imaginary
60 posts in 365 days.That's one about every 6 days.To be exact, one every 6.29310345 days.If you evened it out.But as you can see,that's not how it was.With long, empty spaces of no voice,
              Take a deep breath, then take a step forward. Be daring,  be brave. You have nothing to fear, you are as great as you believe you are.
Into the darkness, I reach out a hand, where shadows play and light is banned. My breathes decline and I gasp for air, this has become a deadly game of truth or dare. Do I dare to escape from this place,
Unable to move, Unable to breathe, I’m afraid for my life Yet, I don’t want to leave. In front of me It sits and stares. Daring me to face it I’ll take the dare.
I dare you to belittle my intellect with constant neglect. I dare you to depreciate my ability to succeed. I dare you & the rest of you to treat me as if my future is halted by my past.
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