cross country

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I wonder what my old bedroom looks like now those empty nights where my breathing no longer exists  will the trees notice there isn't a window to push their breeze in my dog wondering the halls wondering why its silent
I had always run like a storm crackling with anger fueled by thundering defiance at the world a five-kilometer point to be hammered home. I had always run like an engine anxiety the stuttering starter
I am a Cross Country Runner We don’t quit, And we never stop. I am a Cross Country Runner We can run forever Because we run from our pasts.
Run, They Said.   Run, they said. Run they, said. But please, oh, please, go fast instead. Of that trudgy trot you always do Run like you did before you grew.  
Wind running through my hair, Giving butterflies in my stomach, And heart beating rapidly.   Addicting like a drug, Something I could never stop. This feeling of freedom.  
ask any of us and we'll say it's hell to run and run and run until our feet swell sweaty tired faces and sore legs too running 10 miles is a daily thing to do
All I do is run! But why do I run? Is it because it is fun Or because I travel a path traveled by none? Pondering the questions of my life and wondering why.   Running gives me an escape
  The wind rushes into my face,I try to keep an even pace.
Tentative footsteps to confident strides,
On your mark. Set. Go! Out into the world and claim it as your own See the passing street lights as you get into your zone Focus, as you open your stride
I can feel the target on my back Drawn with sweat and dirt And can hear the footsteps chasing me Muffled spikes in dirt With my success Comes another’s failure Pained smiles and caged disappointment
Running fades the images inside my head. Running fades the sounds around me. Running fades heartache. Running fades my problems. I run, away from it all. Running fades the doubts people have on me.
I stood so tall, chin up to the sky no one thought I'd fall, or come down a size after all this time, the whole world can see underneath this smile I'm fighting for a dream  
As I run this cross country race, I try to dream about other things important to me. I sprint past other runners, trying to gain a lead. Other runners are trying to push me out of the way, so I push them right back.
When summer came, I wasn't sure if it would be, once again, the same. Shy, quiet, watching you all have fun; But that was okay, that's how it was done. I came to realize, that if I stood back yet again,
Miles after miles, three point one. Sweat drenched clothes; running until you puke. This is cross country.
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