Tentative footsteps to confident strides,

Soul growing stronger with each passing mile.

Weathering snow, pouring rain, and the heat,

Pushing through times I feel weak and can’t breathe.


Heart leads the way and it soars as I glide

Over worn dirt paths beneath clear blue skies.

Trees are a blur as I splash through the creek,

Mud splattered legs take me far past my dreams.


Feet in the grass, bare, and chasing the wind

Constantly move to the rhythm within.

Only as far as I seek can I reach,

Shoreline to farmland, my legs will not cease.


Wet ocean sand turns to crunchy brown leaves,

Beating down sun becomes cool autumn breeze.

Brink of exhaustion, sweat drips down my face,

Passion will fuel me when mind’s lost in haze.


On the horizon the finish appears,

People are screaming—I barely can hear.

Flying across, then the dust trails behind,

Tale of a girl in a race against time.



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