Levee Runner!


Race day at last, no place for first, no time for last place!

Levee runs across the valley, greatest river for a chase!

Dives and spins, up and down, the River Joaquin is a race!

Come join the Levee runners, come see the runners grace!


Levee runners! Race upon the River Joaquin!

Across the fields, empty plains and bush.

Across the river, green lands and trees.

Across the trail, heat and dust.

Levee runners! Must beat the River Joaquin!


Upon the Levee, open sky above, and water around.

Nothing to see, nothing to hear, the footfalls of giants, all around.

No one near, champions long gone, the silence all around.

Last man running, aches and shakes, body runs aground.

No one to hear, the last man running, silence all abound.


Levee runner! Beat the River Joaquin!

Dirt and blood, hands scraped, all too real.

Sun and heat, skin burned, no time to heal.

Sweat and tears, face twisted, time to deal.

Levee runner! Race upon the river Joaquin!

The seals are barking, the fish are swimming,

It’s time to race across the open trail!


Hours gone, day long over, fellow runners long done.

Sun coming down, the winds are dying. Last man all alone.

Feet are moving, breath is hard and few, race is not done.

The finish, the end, a time to stop, no more to watch, the timers are gone.

Across the line, the victors cheer not for him, Levee runner all alone.

Race no more, the run is over. Time for home, and a bath all over.


Levee runner! Race across the river Joaquin!

The sun is hot, the winds are strong, the race is on!

No time for tears, no time for cheers, the race goes on!

Race across the open trail, pushing on and on!



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