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By now in life you have faced some demons; Learned the corners and closets to avoid.                               You coddle your innocence In the soft and cuddly things around you.  
The soft green blades graze against my handMy careful ears hear the wind playing so grandMy blind eyes can only see a red blurSome delicious food in my hand I preferThe animals come watch and stare
Baking cookies together on a day that we’re bored, Even going out to dinners I can’t yet afford, Closing my eyes while I’m sleeping right by you
When playing soccer, you kick a ball, You can kick it on a wall.   When playing soccer, you have to run, But don't stress, running is fun.   When playing soccer, you can't use hands,
The mocking mystery, the subtle secrets, 
They don't ask  because they don't care   You missed a spot you left some love right there
Alone upon the wreckage, Broken hearts on either side, The dark distorted crater, Where my last hope came and died.   The darkness all around me, Not cut through by the light, My solo isolation,
Love is the essence of pure thought
As my eyes close my mind is blown..
Little girl, dressed in white Sleeping in her room so tight   Unaware of what is wrong As the world moves forward on   Until one day, a dorr gaped wide Where walls before had stood with pride.
I hate myself,I hate my wealth,If I could give,Then I would live,Nothing would be mine,As nothing is divine,
My tongue it twists, it curls, it bends it licks my lips, my throat defends. It also tastes, a noble job, though biting it will make him throb.
When I think about my skin The trouble it has got me in The things it said were good to do The things that it has put me through
  I was first introduced By a man named Dr. Seuss.   His rhymes helped me in the best of ways, Especially if it was one of my worst days.   A real inspiration, Gave me a good foundation.
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