My Drive for Tomorrow

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 21:38 -- hmorton

Baking cookies together on a day that we’re bored,

Even going out to dinners I can’t yet afford,

Closing my eyes while I’m sleeping right by you

A feel of warmth that I never felt this true,

Under these blankets I finally feel calm and at home

Slowly she begins to heal my scars from being alone,

Every day, I can open up a little more to her

Insecurities, fears, and my deep, dark thoughts that stir

Loving her, her loving me, as we both laugh and grin like fools

Our relationship is a fire in a pit that never cools.

Various occasions that show this love makes me feel so glad

Every failure, every disappointment that treated me bad

Yielded me this opportunity to be with a wonder

Our well nurtured relationship will not be torn asunder.

Ultimately, I have no regrets, no fears, nothing to hide from her


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