If My Skin Could Talk

When I think about my skin

The trouble it has got me in

The things it said were good to do

The things that it has put me through

I find that there is one true

It lies to me, who lies with you.


It tells me that you’re only here

When I feel you nestled near

It tells me that you’re far away

When you can’t be swayed to stay

It cries and moans when you depart

It pulls and rips apart my heart


My skin, it cannot see your face,

But only capture your embrace.

It cannot see a fresh blown kiss

It only feels your fingertips.

So when you say your sweet goodbye

My skin it shrieks and wonders why

You heartlessly have left me here

All alone and filled with fear.


It did not hear you say adieu

Or how you wish that me and you

Could stay together night and day

It cannot hear a word you say

It only feels a chill set in

When your body leaves my skin


It lies to me and says you’ve gone

it tries to pull my heart along

it tries to tell it, look and see

she’s gone from you and gone from me

But my heart, so wise yet new,

Who knows the love in your adieu

grabs my skin and tells it true

I have no eyes and nor do you!

I cannot see, cannot touch cannot hear

I cannot taste cannot smell our dear

I only feel the love we share.

Unless that goes, I shall not care.


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