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I’m not really over what happened, No. I’m moreso, well, How do I put it?  Exhausted
Wrap your roots around mine Be my unseen partner I am not ashamed to share life with you but I know you're shy Extract me Honey you bogle me   2,000 miles away yet
She painted the world In shades of blue, Violet, and green.
When I take off my mask And end my various facades  I awaken myself enough to ask What went through the minds of the gods  When they cast me to Earth to accomplish a task Aganist the unfavorable odds 
#n   ofilter now you can see my flaws
You and I are made of stars,
When worse comes to worse, push comes to shove, you can always look above. Freedom of religion, we're so diverse. Too bad it's really just a curse. No one will accept anyone's beliefs,
I see religion as a cafeteria
Stop fighting. All of you. You act as though a difference is a sin, when really it's your intolerace that should be punished. You would kill entire groups of people, for religion for a lifestyle
The lies are all around, foundations piled up This appearance, a reality we choose to keep We’re shutting her out, “improving” on what was made Ripping pieces up, suffocating her
Clear your mind. Open your heart. Let your soul loose.  Breathe in, breathe out. You are here. You are present. You've never been more alive than now. You are here. You are present.
I'd rather see beauty in the flaws on the faces than have it all washed away washed away in the rain People are colors, not shades of grey, but colors combine to make grey anyway.
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