Our relation with Mother Nature

The lies are all around, foundations piled up

This appearance, a reality we choose to keep

We’re shutting her out, “improving” on what was made

Ripping pieces up, suffocating her

Taking full advantage, hardly giving back

The slightest form of rebellion is snuffed out

we strive for geometric symmetry, the lines kept

we allow invaders into her space, competition to thrive

she slowly creeps back, trying to have what was hers

we leave scars, wounds that time can’t heal

no wonder she calls out in agony

those disasters and casualties, its an attack back to us

that’s the only way, the only time we’ll listen

when she cries out as if to say

”You destroyed what I have made

You took without asking, and this is all for selfish wants

We need to coextist, allow harmony and balance again

But you must take the first step

Start to give back what was lost, and

Lessen your impact, so I can re-grow.”


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