The Wanderess: Why I Write

She painted the world

In shades of blue,

Violet, and green.

She painted the world

To reflect all the things

She wished to see.

• • •

She wanted a world

That was merry and bright.

So she dipped her brush

In yellow paint

And reassembled the night.

• • •

She imagined a world

Where people learned

To coexist.

So she picked up a pen

Instead of using

Her fists.

• • •

She drew pictures of places

She could only dream to see.

And she wrote about people

She knew she would never meet.

• • •

She wrote to lift

The heavy weight upon her chest;

For in words she found a way

To communicate what her

Lips could not express.

• • •

Some thought her to be a cynic,

Others said her head was

In the clouds.

Either way, she knew

The world she envisioned

Was better than the one

She lived in now.

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Our world
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