ofilter now you can see my flaws

My skin isn’t airbrushed my makeup is worn from my day

I started out like an angel clean and pure

Then I found these filters

They distract me from who I am

And pointed to who I wish I was

My eyes don’t shine that bright all day

They turn tired and red and watery quickly

They are intense and brown and beautiful

And help me see the world for what I wish it was

A place where filters didn’t exist where people could coexist

Without the connotations of opinions but the strength of cognition

A place where I didn’t have to show you my best angle but where I could show you my best smile

If you were worthy, if you didn’t wear   a filter then I’d show you mine if you show      me yours if not I’m left all vulnerable.

           We all have these opinions of what     society must look, act, think, and talk like,  no one is sharing the truth of what society is and doesn’t have to be; filtered.

         We are all different in a million ways my smile is full of laughter as your might be full of pain, we all dance around the idea that pretty is the same.

I don’t need approval because I’m finally comfortable with who I am, I found my natural self throughout this cosmetic and demanding land.

I am a brown eyes artist who accepts the flaws of appearance because I’m unflawed within.


#nofilter can you see my flaws? They’re bold  like me.

Born into and innocent, the way things are supposed to be.






                              #nofilter: By Jackie Palacios

This poem is about: 
Our world



This is about peom about flaws and how beautiful they truly are. The world may not see it that way, but it should. I hope you appeciate the feeling behind this poem.



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