Who's in the Mirror?


When I take off my mask

And end my various facades 

I awaken myself enough to ask

What went through the minds of the gods 

When they cast me to Earth to accomplish a task

Aganist the unfavorable odds 

To break through and empty the hatred of humans contained in a single cask

And instead replace it with a world where everyone applauds 

The hard work of a mother 

Whom in turn responds by paying forward the favor 

Being as kind as you would to a kin such as your brother 

Where when questioned your loyalities never waver 

Even as your friends fold before you one after another

Perhaps now you will truely take the time to savor 

Feelings that you would previously smother

But today is your day taste life's intricate flavor

So if you are ready to go 

Then I am more than willing to show 

All the feelings I have been holding inside that now threaten to overflow 

That I can unravel for you to bestow 

Now my friend it is your time to be brave 

Or my true persona will knock you down faster than a gravity wave 

So if your certain that your spine will not become concave 

Then I am willing to bet you really are worth my time to save

From the horrific fate 

Of being caught just short of great 

Only because you were lying in wait 

So long infact that you are missing more than one important trait

Required for you to not contribute to our growing mortality rate

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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