The Eyes That Aren't Mine

Angels on the sideline

There's nothing I can do.

Angels on the sideline

I leave the future to you.

I've built this world for all to wander,

Yet you all want to sit, squabble, squander.

This gift I have given, I will forever ponder.

Is it really that hard to love one another?

You start violence over nothing and stand on pride's shoulders.

The vicious circles build higher until everyone is smothered

What's left to happen when my gift's set to smolder?

You've shot the albatross, now it's your cross to bear

It frustrates me so that all I can do is stare.

The gift has been bestowed yet you all seem to not care.

But when the blind man stands before the son,

That's when you know I am content to be done.

Let the stars from my Heaven reign down in deafening oblivion.

It is then that your vessels will become one with mine.

Let my gift overtake you, the mind is divine.


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