Breaking Free

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Wake up in a tearful mess, Locus of control, upside down,  Minds a racing, Head trumping to the sound of despair.   Fighting to grip reality, White knuckle ride, Pure insanity,
No cuffs on my hands But a shock collar around my neck Locks on all the doors and Walls
Dear Schedule, I’m about sick of you. I think I have a fever, I think you’ve given me the flu.   I’m tired of the strangling grip
Originally just another member Another wolf part of the pack, Though I leave I will remember Remember those that had my back. 
Light Living in my skin When daylight reaches past 8 And arises before 7 An axe splits open my shell A familiar coffin of cobwebs
Control, No control You used to control me Now you control me no more.  Leader,
Behind this stained glass wall I see you. Broken and alone Behind the color and perfection.   Countless times, I have tried to break through, But unfortunately
Nobody knows there is a cage, / That you have been shoved inside.
I've always been reserved.. Never had my voice to be heard.. Keeping my thoughts to myself, afraid of being judged By someone else  But there's always been a fire
Glasses covered with roses Shattered as he closes the door behind him Heart filled with devastation Tears fill my eyes, asking why? Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces
Give in to the nrom, What's the harm in that? A good little robot Trained to think like them. Not for me. I'm breaking out, a runaway, Trying to be who I really am. The road will be harsh,
As I look in the mirror, who do I see? Who is this girl staring back at me? With her bright eyed smile, so pretty and nice, Has anyone stopped to ask if she's alright? Struggling with imperfections, and flaws,
L  eading you on without a reason behind my actions I   mean I am only trying to allow you to see the way that I do A  girl from a small town, but I am still wrapped inside a big box twisting your mental.
Hope is what i see! Hope is what i feel! Hope is what i live to breath. Hope is breaking the chains that bind thee! Hope has no underlining schemes! Hope is my reality clean! Six years clean, hope my reality real!
I'm tired of living in these confined walls Always feeling trapped, and often invisible Not to be seen, not to be heard
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