Chained With Love

Glasses covered with roses

Shattered as he closes the door behind him

Heart filled with devastation

Tears fill my eyes, asking why?

Mustering up the strength to pick up the pieces

Putting myself back together again

This is our routine, ever since I could remember

When life challenged him, he would walk out the door and surrender

Drown himself with cheap beer until the thought of his children seemed to dissapear

Than he would vanish along with it

Weeks, months

Not a word

Until funds ran dry

The door opens

He feeds me a story, and I'd choose to believe it

So clever with words

With a resting poker face

Putting con artists to shame

But I see you now, what you really are

Have a full house in my hand, and I'm not letting you win this time

No one is going to be here waiting when you open that door again

Maybe you shouldn't come back

I leave slaming the door behind me

Taking back the power you held over me

Using the love from your famliy to cash your checks

But that love dosen't exist anymore

..............Which sets me free












This poem is about: 
My family


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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