Nervous Breakdown

Wake up in a tearful mess,

Locus of control, upside down, 

Minds a racing,

Head trumping to the sound of despair.


Fighting to grip reality,

White knuckle ride,

Pure insanity,

Trying to track this journey.


Only madness calls @ 4am.

Run away to the park,

Fresh air & movement, perhaps.

I can't seem to define what else.


Bench offers some sanctuary,

Sitting down, hopefully, calmly,

Tears fall down like niagra,

Didn't know ducts could produce so much.


Something happens, difficult to describe,

Minds starts to decline,

Back it goes, reverse trajectory,

Losing grip on normality.


Body shaking,

Scared to let go,

Part of me, 

Fuck it, let it flow. 


If I go,


Part of me,

No coming back for eternity.


Totally rocking, horribly,

Feel utterly lost, can't control me.

Vision start to.........

Losing my marbles,  this is it.


With a great cry,

Begin to resolve,

Nightmare won't beat me,

Start to scold and shout.


Crawl home, on my knees,

Begging for help,

Friends, come to me,



Story ends with a different view,

Doctor assessment,  Journey a new,

Not sure what is ahead,

First, inspect my head. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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